2023 RAM 1500 Limited Owner's Manual

2023 RAM 1500 Limited Owner's Manual
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Pickup from the American manufacturer RAM 1500 Limited pleases with a large set of advantages: powerful, stylish, convenient, safe, reliable. Ego is chosen not only by off-road and travel enthusiasts. RAM 1500 Limited is often bought by simple fans of the brand for daily use. The only thing that is not very pleasing is fuel consumption in the city: 15.7 liters per 100 km. On the highway, the car drives much more economically: 10.7 liters of fuel per 100 km.


The RAM 1500 Limited has three types of engines, each of which will please you with its advantages:
1. 5.7-liter gasoline (395 horsepower).
2. 5.7 liter gasoline improved (395 horsepower).
3. 3.0-liter diesel with a turbine (260 horsepower).
The RAM 1500 Limited is available in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The gearbox in all versions is installed the same – 8-speed automated.

Body options

The pickup truck of this model has two body options:
1. Double cab with a standard body (car length 6142 mm).
2. Double cab with a short body (car length 5916mm).

The RAM 1500 Limited pickup has a reliable independent pneumatic suspension that allows you to set several modes of operation of the car: standard, for off-road, for fast driving, and so on. Accordingly, the clearance of the car can vary: from 160 mm to 272 mm.

Other features

RAM 1500 Limited is a reliable and safe car, equipped with many electronic assistant systems. Among them:
• Keeping the car in the lane;
• Emergency braking assistance;
• Transversal hazard sensors;
• Warning of a frontal collision;
• Control of tire pressure;
• Control of blind spots;
• Overturning protection system;
• Prevention of rolling when parking on a slope;
• And so on.


It is difficult to find a direct competitor for the RAM 1500 Limited car, as the manufacturer has foreseen almost all aspects and introduced many modern technologies into the car. The closest in terms of characteristics and reliability indicators is the Ford F-150.