RAM 1500 Owner's Manuals

RAM 1500 is a car that belongs to the pickup class. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is engaged in production. Produced as a car with a four-door body type. If we compare the “novelties” with previous generations, then the exterior features have become more recognizable and attractive. The car has become more modern.

The choice of the buyer is offered three options for the power unit, one of which is on a hybrid basis. The first engine is 3.6 liters and generates 305 horsepower. The second power unit is more powerful, its volume is 5.7 liters, and it produces 395 horsepower.

The hybrid engine also comes with a volume of 5.7 liters, but generates more power – 425 horsepower. Optionally, there can be either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The motors will also be paired with two automatic transmissions with 8 steps. In the exterior, especially in its front part, the radiator grille has changed a lot – it has become more massive, chrome surrounds it, and there is also a large inscription of the model in the center. As for optics, it can be xenon or fully LED.

There is also a limited version of this model, its appearance will look stricter. It is noted that the RAM 1500, with its features, resembles the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is produced in the latest generation. There are many body color options, and you can also optionally choose a two-tone option, paying extra from $500.

In the interior, according to the standard, there is a touch screen of the multimedia system, 8.4 inches in size. The limited version also offers a 12-inch screen. In order not to deviate from trends in other American cars, a selector and buttons will replace the usual gearbox. The interior itself is quite spacious – all participants in the movement will feel comfortable (including rear passengers). In some versions, the front row is designed for 3 people. Sheathing can be either high-quality fabric or genuine leather. Also added wooden inserts in the interior of the car, in order to decorate it.

The new RAM 1500 adds many new security features compared to previous generations. Depending on the configuration, the price will vary from 31.695 thousand dollars to 55.485 thousand dollars. The main similar model and competitor is the Jeep Wagoneer.