RAM Chassis Cab Owner's Manuals

The models of American car companies are most loved and appreciated by buyers for their stylish exterior, high quality of assembly, and, undoubtedly, for a special equipment. The RAM Chassic Cab has exactly those positive qualities. Leaders of Dodge RAM at some moment even have decided to make their pickups a separate line, thus the habitual first part of the name has “disappeared” in due course. And if not to consider this small nuance, the RAM Chassic Cab is essentially the fifth generation of RAM 1500.

So what’s new in the car over the past few years? Firstly, manufacturers in 2019-2023 offered a limited and a standard version of the pickup to choose from. The second version features a massive grille with chrome trim, as well as an already recognizable inscription in the center.

The upper part of this grille hangs menacingly over the optics and creates the effect of “daring to look” headlights from the side. The owner of the vehicle has the right to choose LED or xenon optics, but regardless of the choice, on the bottom of the grille he will also get a low-beam and high beam lenses paired with daytime running lights. In addition, you’ll have the option to paint the body in two colours at once.