RAM Promaster Owner's Manuals

RAM Promaster is a universal van that will meet all business needs and become a constant assistant for the owner, regardless of his lifestyle. The manufacturer offers three possible options for the height of the car, as well as four length options. You can supplement the characteristics and improve the model with the help of additional options. The cost of the van starts at $40,635.

Main characteristics

The RAM Promaster is built to do the hard work, wherever it is. The car is capable of transporting cargo up to 4,680 pounds. The maximum towing weight is 6,910 pounds.

The strength and power of the van is provided by a Pentastar V-6 engine with a working volume of 3.6 liters, which produces 276 horsepower. The power unit is paired with a 9-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission, which, compared to the previous 6-range automatic transmission, saves up to 9% of fuel. The manufacturer plans to create an electric model as well.

The manufacturer offers 19 configurations of cars, which are distinguished by a longer base, higher roof, type: passenger, cargo or cargo-passenger models. All possible configurations are available with front-wheel drive.
A digital mirror with a rearview camera allows you to get an unobstructed view. Cars received a whole range of updates compared to the previous model. The headlights have been raised higher, which protects them from damage in minor collisions. A step on the bumper makes it easier to replace wiper blades or clean the windshield. A 10-inch raised roof increases cargo space.
The engine starts with a button, and there is also keyless access to the cabin. The car received an electric parking brake and electric power steering.
The model is equipped with the Uconnect 5 infotainment system. The basic configuration has a 7-inch touch screen. Optionally, you can get a car with a display with a diagonal of 10 inches.