RAM has announced a new medium-sized electric pickup truck

Ram is preparing dealers for the fact that in the near future a mid-size electric car will appear in the lineup. According to Automotive News, the company showed dealers its ideas for a mid-size pickup concept at a meeting in Las Vegas. The new concept is apparently very similar to the full-size 1500 “Revolution” concept that Ram first unveiled at the CES technology show in January.

One of the dealers that own Daytona Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram and Maserati-Alfa Romeo in Daytona (Daytona Beach, Fla.) explained to Automotive News that Stellantis officials unveiled 30 new products for several brands during the meeting. The meeting was apparently the first of its kind in eight years for the retailer, which worked with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles before it was merged with PSA Group to form Stellantis.

In January, Ram unveiled the full-size 1500 “Revolution” concept. The design was inventive and innovative, with an easily configurable interior and folding third-row seats. But when the production version was introduced a month later, many of the interesting features shown in the concept disappeared.

The new mid-size pickup EV will most likely be well received by potential buyers. Small and midsize trucks from other manufacturers have sold in large numbers in recent years, and Ram can make up for the 11-plus years since the Dakota was discontinued.